Pension Funds Online is a key source for contact information and detailed financial data across all major pension funds and their advisers globally.

The subscription site contains financial information on the largest defined benefit funds (major funds over £20m in the UK, €100m in Europe and $1bn Worldwide). The online database contains information on over 8,000 funds and more than 6,000 advisers firms.

To ensure the data remains comprehensive and up to date we use comparative lists and regulated databases, verify contacts throughout the year by ongoing telephone research; datacapture forms, and undergo online research. All data is refreshed daily so new information is constantly being uploaded to the site.

UK Pension funds

The UK database contains financial and contact information for over 3,800 funds and contact information for more than 2,000 advisers.

All funds are listed with a scheme asset value, liability, funding ratio and asset breakdown as well as a list of advisers and key contacts. The largest pension funds also feature detailed mandate breakdowns. Some large schemes publish pension fund reports which are dedicated to the specific pension fund but where this is not available we use annual company reports.

In addition to the pension finances, we include a range of contacts and adviser firms which provide their professional services to the fund. We contact each fund at least three times a year, either by email or telephone, to ensure that this information is always up to date.

International Pension Funds

The International database contains financial and contact information for more than 4,500 funds and contact information for over 4,000 advisers.

All funds are listed with capital values and key contacts. We publish information on European funds larger than €100m and major schemes outside Europe with assets over $1bn. As with UK funds there is a difference in how schemes are able to publish their information. However, industry wide schemes are often unable to identify the individual asset breakdowns of each scheme and use a combined total fund to list all assets and mandate information instead. Where available we separate all fund information and express individual scheme asset figures.

All financial information for non-UK funds is entered in the native currency of the fund, which is displayed on their online profile on To convert this into a different base currency (i.e. GBP, USD or EUR) we use historic exchange rates provided by XE ( and apply the exchange rate relevant to their latest year end date. This gives the most accurate conversion possible.


UK data is sourced from a combination of Companies House, individual company websites, or the fund itself and international scheme data is obtained through online research. Each country has a different pension landscape so must be treated differently which is why we employ a number of country specialists to undertake this research.

UK and International Advisers

The adviser company database lists more than 6,000 advisers: over 2,000 advisers in the UK and 4,000 internationally. These include auditors, investment managers, legal advisers, custodians, actuaries fiduciary managers and any others involved in pension funds. The adviser entries contain relevant contact information including names, email addresses, website, address and telephone numbers.


A team of researchers are responsible for collecting adviser information through several sources on a rolling basis: by telephone, datacapture, email and online research including LinkedIn (from which we add a link to their profile).

Currency look-up table

Symbol Currency
GBP British Pounds
EUR Euro
USD US Dollar
AUD Australian Dollar
BOB Bolivian Boliviano
CAD Canadian Dollar
CRC Costa Rican Colon
CZK Czech Koruna
DOP Dominican Peso
DKK Danish Kroner
GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal
HKD Hong Kong Dollar
HNL Honduran Lempira
ISK Icelandic Krona
ILS Israeli Shekel
LVL Latvian Lat
MXN Mexican Peso
NOK Norwegian Krone
PEN Peruvian Nuevo Sol
BWP Botswana Pula
ZAR South African Rand
BRL Brazilian Real
CHF Swiss Franc
SEK Swedish Krona
UYU Uruguayan Peso
JPY Japanese Yen
KRW South Korean Won
TWD Taiwan New Dollar
NZD New Zealand Dollar
FJD Fijian Dollar