A short history of Pension Funds Online

Pension Funds Online, produced by With Intelligence, is a source for detailed financial data and contact information on pension funds globally which helps firms working within the pensions industry to achieve their marketing and business objectives.

It holds information on over 8,000 pension funds, providing details on key contacts, which asset classes they invest in and which firms run their mandates.

It also holds details on recent tenders that have been officially issued by pension funds.

All data on Pension Funds Online for both pension funds and their service providers is updated throughout the year. A dedicated team of researchers and journalists keep abreast of any changes using a variety of methods. These include: distribution of online questionnaires; direct contact with pension funds and the industry; as well as financial information research gleaned from various other sources, such as company accounts.

Pension Funds Online also provides users with intelligence on pension funds and the pensions industry.

It provides a news service called Pension Funds Insider, which gives readers an insight into pension fund behaviour and the reasons behind the decisions they make about asset allocation and overall strategy.

As well as Pension Funds Insider, industry experts provide their views on the topics that matter most to Pension Managers and Trustees in the Specialist Outlooksection of Pension Funds Online and an overview of country pension system designs can be found in the Country Profiles section of the site.