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Fiduciary Management :
Another provider fad or something which can really help improve funding levels?

Fiduciary management is billed by many as a ‘solution’ to the challenges many pension schemes face. Sign up to this webinar to hear Sarah Leslie, Head of UK Fiduciary Management at Russell Investments discuss how a fiduciary management service can provide you with the resources and expertise to complement existing experience.

“Fiduciary management is definitely not a product or solution,” notes Sarah, “it is a service which can support better results when utilised in the right way for the stakeholders of the scheme.”

Sign up to this webinar now to discover what a fiduciary manager can offer, the value they can create and explore some of the often unanswered questions.


Picture of Sarah Leslie

Sarah Leslie
Head Of Fiduciary Management, UK&I

Sarah is responsible for working with clients and prospects to develop fiduciary solutions for their pension schemes. Sarah began working at Russell Investments with a focus on fiduciary management clients in 2009, and prior to that she worked at Mercer and AonHewitt, initially as an investment consultant and latterly with their fiduciary management clients.