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RPMI Railpen appoints Ortec Finance

07 September 2017

Image for RPMI Railpen appoints Ortec Finance

RPMI Railpen, which manages assets of around £25 billion on behalf of the 350,000 members of the Railways Pension Scheme, has adopted new technology to enhance its investment decision making.

Railpen has adopted Ortec Finance's 'performance attribution solution' which will enable the scheme to monitor and improve its investment management process.

The new technology evaluates the impact of all investment decisions the scheme makes, positive or negative, complex or simple, bringing clarity to the investment process.

RPMI Railpen is the trading name of the Railways Pensions Investments Limited, authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Railpen comprises more than 100 sections with complex analytical and reporting requirements.

The company also provides a range of services to pension scheme trustees, such as communications, trustee training, scheme balloting, pensions technical and regulatory services and scheme governance.

Stuart Slater, head of risk and performance at Railpen, said: "We chose Ortec Finance to support us to achieve our mission to pay members' pensions securely, affordably and sustainably."

"To accomplish that goal, we invest the scheme's assets to generate strong investment returns over the long term, so the quality of the analytics and the capabilities of the Pearl system, coupled with its managed service, made Ortec the obvious partner."

Ortec Finance designs, builds, and applies solutions for asset-liability management, ex-ante and ex-post risk management, performance measurement and risk attribution, and goal based financial planning.

Its global client base comprises leaders in the sovereign wealth, pensions, insurance, investment management and private wealth management markets.

Lucas Vermeulen, UK managing director at Ortec, said: "Enhanced insight will enable Railpen to monitor and improve its management process, and provide clients with timely and relevant information about their investment gains and losses - both in absolute terms as well as relative to market and benchmark."

First published 07.09.2017