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The Troubles with DB Transfers

06 October 2017

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The increasing trend of DB-DC transfers is having an impact on administration costs, systems and more importantly member outcomes due to consequential delays.With the causes for such increasing DB-DC transfers already well documented, we at Origo commissioned research to better understand the complex administration process and where the points of friction lie in order to help solve the Troubles with DB Transfers.

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Paul Pettitt, Managing Director


Origo is a not-for-profit, FinTech company dedicated to improving outcomes for consumers by transforming the financial services industry's operating efficiencies. By bringing together different organisations and groups in a non-competitive environment, Origo identifies and addresses cost and efficiency issues through the creation and maintenance of a range of industry solutions.

As a development partner of the HM Treasury's Pensions Dashboard project, Origo's Pension Finder service powers Pensions Dashboards, enabling consumers to safely find and return their pension information to their Dashboard screens.

Thanks to Origo's Options Transfers service, pensions transfer times have dramatically reduced to an average 11 calendar days, providing smooth, fast and safer transfers for consumers.

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